Welcome, weary traveller, to my blog

Hi there! You’ve seemed to have stumbled upon my blog right here on Stan Writes dot com (or, maybe Stan Guderski dot com?).

I probably should be studying or something, so I’ll give you a quick idea why this site exists and what I’m planning on using my blog for. Sound good? Great.

First of all, if it wasn’t already obvious, I’m a writer. It’s what I do. Most of my writing is contained to my classwork and posts on the Nerd Pals Network. Take a quick look at that site–a great deal of the writing there is mine.

I also handle the bulk of social media posts for Super Nerd Pals and the NPN. So, a large portion of that content is also me.

Until now, there just hasn’t been a place for me to write strictly for myself (and by extension you). A blog, basically. But now that I’ve finally worked up the energy to build out this here website I can start writing stuff that is uniquely me–hooray!

Whats the plan?

I’ll be using this space to write about things that interest me: video games, anime, comics, etc. I haven’t decided specifics, but any type of writing I do will help me keep in practice and allow me to improve.

I want to have more of my writing out there. The only way I can see that happening is if I write consistently. Maybe I’ll even have people coming here to read my stuff. That would be fun!

So that’s about it. Stan Writes, on a global level, is my portfolio–links to my work and a place for me to actively write. My plan is to get better and get published. Let’s see how that goes.

In the meantime, thanks for visiting. Have a look around the place, and listen to my podcast!


Posted by Stan Guderski